We are Mexican with a Mission

What is it that makes our food so satisfying? 
Ask anyone working at Zambrero what they do for a living, they will tell you this:
They’re helping end world hunger, not just yours.
Thanks to our Plate 4 Plate initiative every burrito or bowl you buy donates a meal to someone in need.
With our partners Rise Against Hunger and Foodbank our goal is to donate 1 billion meals by 2025.
To achieve this, we’ll continue to keep your mouths watering with the freshest, most innovative Mexican.
We know to help the hungry of the world, we first have to make you hungry.



Sam's Story

Zambrero's Founder Dr Sam Prince is a humanitarian, entrepreneur and medical doctor on a mission to help those less fortunate than himself. He lives by a motto that his mother passed down to him. “Expand your life to the limits of your mind and expand your mind to the limits of your life”.

With parents raised in rural Sri Lanka, Sam was always motivated, through his parents' life experience, to start a business that would make an impact on the state of world hunger. To do this, Sam opened his very first Zambrero restaurant in 2005 in his hometown of Braddon, Canberra at the age of 21, while studying to become a medical doctor.

Since founding Zambrero, now one of Australia’s fastest growing franchises, Sam has set up six other successful businesses, all with a humanitarian focus, including one not-for-profit, One Disease.

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Founder Dr Sam Prince

Taking Zambrero from Canberra to the world

Sam Prince was no ordinary punk kid at the age of 21. He was a young entrepreneur and medical student about to begin an extraordinary journey, serving Mexican food from humble beginnings in Braddon, Canberra.

Sam wanted to serve good food that does good. Which led him to create an initiative that would in turn deliver millions of meals to people in need the world over. He called it Plate 4 Plate.

Fast forward to 2014, and we were celebrating our 50th restaurant opening in Hervey Bay, Queensland. Continue even further to 2017 and Zambrero now has over 150 restaurants within Australia and trading in New Zealand, Thailand, Ireland and soon to be the US.



What's better than a burrito?
A burrito on the go. 

And that's exactly what we brought to Australia. Zambrero Joondalup opened in Perth in September of 2013, serving Australians their first taste of Mexican food through a drive thru.

In 2017, Zambrero Franchise Partners are now serving our delicious fresh Mexican from stand alone restaurants to food trucks to kiosks to drive-thrus and service stations.



We champion our Plate 4 Plate initiative, but we’re not only humanitarian at Zambrero.

We want to ensure that everything that we do, right down from the sourcing of our meat, through to our food packaging is sustainable and ethical. 

We want our customers to feel good in the knowledge that 100% of our chickens farmed through the Australian supplier Cordina are RSPCA Approved and that 100% of the pork served in our restaurants is sow-stall free. 

When it comes to our packaging, we choose certified carbon-neutral packaging provided by Biopak, made from sustainably sourced and rapidly renewable sugar cane pulp that reduces C02 emissions.

And, as innovation continues, so will our commitment to being socially conscious.